A 500 NM single handed race against the clock

Ok, Lysekil and Rainbow Warrior action done. Now time time to start the 500+ Nautical Mile haul around Sweden. Single handed from Lysekil to Västervik on a tight schedule. Why in such a hurry? Our racing girls will be waiting in Västervik, ready to participate in the Byxelkroken Race between Västervik and Byxelkrok on Öland.

A short stop in Copenhagen for a 30-year celebration party is fitted into the schedule...but that's about it in terms of "resting" from the tiller duties.

Sort of half way. Lovely Christiansø. Arrived at 03.32am. Left the next evening at 09.45pm when wind started to increase after being too mellow during the day.

No room for complaints – great overnight oatmeal. Having this meal at least once a day was perhaps an overkill...but it makes the belly happy. Since I sailed 100% handheld tiller without autopilot, the idea to have time to cook nice meals away from the tiller was never an option.

Bye bye Copenhagen and Malmoe...leaving the Öresund Bridge behind.

Open waters for many hours on the way to Christiansø...on an unusually warm September day.

Fjällbacka – Västervik and further up to Oskarshamn. Made it to the Byxelkroken Race, still need to rush up to make it in time to the Lidingö Runt Race.

Sailing over Jungfrufjärden south of Stockholm, honoring my father. He died in 2017 and wanted his ashes to be spread over the sea. We did it out here, together with family and friends onboard a Swedish Sea Rescue ship. He was a true sailor and he would have loved to follow this project and to meet all the people involved in it.