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Christiansø...nice to be back!

Oh, this is such a personal favorite stop. But it was the first time for the rest of the crew onboard – Guri and Kaikāne were excited, even though I had bombarded them with expectations. The Harbour Master was kind and harsh as usual, asked us to move from the long side position we first had, as a "storm" was approaching and he knew we would appreciate a more protected spot, without having several large and long heavy boats tied up on our outside and squeezing us towards the stone pier.

Good spot at first sight, but stormy weather was coming and with that more boats going to tie up on the long side of us and each other...

The harbor master was of course right. The harbor filled up fast as the wind picked up. So we got ourselves a good spot on the opposite side. The wind was just too much and for three nights extra. This made our already tight schedule implode. How are we going to reach our goal Sandefjord before July 23 now?

The wind started to pick up a little while sailing to Christiansø, but there was still an opportunity for a nap...

After a few rough days in our perfect spot, the wind cooled down, the sun came back and boats were preparing for to leave in the morning. So were we...Bornholm next.

We found a parsley plant for the compost garden and a few Danish beers for ourselves.

KK had time to develop his boat-building project – great planning, a high level of creativity, and serious ambitions indeed...

The classic harbor and typical character of the little island and community Christiansø.





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