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Erik and Viktor – smart guys and great chefs!

Gotta love curious, smart, and ambitious entrepreneurs. Erik and Viktor studied at the Stockholm School of Economics and for some reason, we got in touch and suddenly they came onboard for a few days sailing. Yeah, I didn't count on them fixing the food, but after insisting I gave up and gave them free access to the galley.

Not only did we have great guests and sailors onboard in Erik and Viktor, but they were also phenomenal chefs...and technicians as well.


Once there was a fossil fuel engine in there, and grease, filters, oil spill, and tubes all around. Then after transferring to an electric pod drive the room was empty, dry, and painted nice and clean. It nowadays makes room for some electronics for the Raymarine equipment... plenty of room for a smart bendable guy like Viktor, and his handy ways of figuring out complex technical issues...

After the shift to electric pod engine – only a cable through the hull.

Same room but with the fossil fuel engine...

Before crawling into the former engine room, Viktor was hauled up in the rig by Viktor to fix a jib issue...there was a lot of action and mishaps when this photo was shot... Yeez, but with the help of Erik's and Viktor's laidback attitude we got it all fixed and could safely leave Bullerön for the sailing up to Waxholm.




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