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First trip with the all-female racing team

We had met and discussed the idea to team up for the season 2020 and make a statement about gender inequalities in general and in sailing specifically. The all-female sail racing team was in theory already a part of 100% Sun Wind Water. It was about time that we start sailing. The point of no return and time for the team to be in charge of the keys to SY Johanna had entered the stage.

The team sailed us all the way out to the outskirts of the Stockholm archipelago – to the island Svenska Högarna. We arrived in pitch darkness at 04.00 AM.

And wow, did we experience a classical guy-dominated sailing weekend out there. The classical male-only crews in the other boats could not avoid spotting that the boat that arrived while they were sleeping was jammed with long hair. We all witnessed it clearly as they in distance, obviously thought that my haircut was sitting on a woman as well:-) Anyway, while there we also experienced the ongoing fossil fuel tragedy – we saw the old broken wind generator, heard the diesel generators, and smelled the emissions. Read more about why that is an issue for us here.




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