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– For real? Is all that stuff what we're bringing?

Waxholm – This year's voyage started in midsummer. After some family gatherings in Stockholm, we filled up with what we thought we needed. Smaragd Johanna was waiting for us in Waxholm Marina, and the Swedish Midsummer Celebration called for attention. Our friends were meeting up on a rock north of Sandhamn.

But no matter how much we try to minimize the amount of stuff onboard (and in general) – eager to live a scaled-down and simplified lifestyle, we still need necessities and food. And useful things for 8-year-old Kaikāne. Sailing the almost 1000 NM along the coastline to Oslo is not just a weekend trip...

Okay, let's get the stuff inside. All the bags, the food in reusable containers, the bedding, Kaikāne, and his scooter, our longboards, and the flowers...The flowers were gifted to us the day before and we just couldn't see them sit there at home and dry out all by themselves.

The compost garden on the transom survived the winter with no treatment or special care whatsoever. It is the third year it is in use, and we love it.

Waxholm – a great hub

Waxholm has been a suitable stop-over hub during this project's lifetime as it is a great marina between Stockholm city and the outskirts of the archipelago. It offers good public transportation back and forth to Stockholm city – by bus or ferry. In 2018 we stopped here together with Eddy Balina from Uganda on the crew – a memorable moment for us, but even more memorable for Eddy, being the first sailing trip ever for him. Somehow we always come back...In 2020 we forgot our dear stainless steel soap container in the shower. In 2021 we returned to get it back. The marina staff kept it for us over the winter.




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