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Kåseberga-Helsingborg in one shot

Yep – a long one. We wanted to continue to catch up and sail in the time we had lost while we were blown in on Christiansø. So we aimed for a nonstop long leg up to Helsingborg (85 NM). Easy to do if the right winds are present or if you have a diesel engine and a big tank – neither of those was available though. Actually, it started with more or less no wind at all. And the battery was already running low. Thankfully the wind picked up outside of the Falsterbo canal in the southwest corner of Sweden. It grew up to stronger south-eastern winds and thankfully also a pretty strong current (3 knots) through the canal and up north through Öresund (between Denmark and Sweden). The wind cooled down at sunset time and we almost missed the entrance to Helsingborg Marina, due to the strong current and lack of wind (as we sail into the marinas by default:-).

South of Smygehuk, the southern tip of Sweden, the wind died totally. Slept in the cockpit in 20-minute slots to check if any boats were around or drifting anywhere. I was cemented in the same position for 8 hours. Saved the remains of the battery for the channel, bridge opening, and needs in and out marinas.

Blog post in the making: We're working with this blog post right now and will update the texts and images as we go along. Welcome back!





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