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Lovely Denmark, here we come

After an overnight stop just north of Havstenssund to pick up the crew for Skagen we want more or less straight west while the wind slowed down and slowly turned more north which suited us well. Always nice to be on the way to Denmark. Love that place:-)

Somehow we missed taking a groupie so not even trying to pretend like it wasn't you go, all three in one shot: Martin, Oscar, and Johannes. Great to have you, sailors, onboard!

As you can see the wind left most potential sailing dramas aside. So the evening called for the creation of some homemade ones to entertain these experienced sailors: Martin a full fledge examined Sea Captain and Johannes one time crossed the Atlantic upwind and one time sailed Equador-Tahiti. Oscar joined Johannes' trip to Tahiti...a pretty bold choice of a first leg for a guy who never before had set his foot on a sailboat.

We made a solar oven starter for dinner. Oscar did not believe it could be hot enough "in that tube". After some 15 minutes, he was convinced that he was going to win the bet. Chicken breast slices, leek, and some olive oil and spices.

After 25 minutes. Hot-hot-hot.

Then some hot-hot-hot pasta for the main course.

And some science for dessert. Trawling for microplastics on flat waters may not seem very dramatic, but it is important to follow the scientific protocol , and to get the heavy trawl out and into the water and up again on 34ft sailboat is still a challenge.

The wind died out totally later that evening and we had not much range left in the battery so we arrived at Skagen at 5 AM instead of 10 PM. It didn't help us out there with a northbound current of a knot or two...

Hello Denmark!





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