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Visby – setting sails with Dessi and Camilla.

Beautiful Visby on the west coast of Sweden's largest island Gotland is always a treat. And an exciting party town. Having sailed single-handed for some time I easily talked myself into going out for a night. So I did and walked enthusiastically into the lively narrow streets brimming with happy people... A few bar-hopings later I realized that coming back to the boat in the marina confirmed the experiences from earlier visits – one of the best sites for late-night drinks is your own cockpit in the marina.

Dessi – a killer by the. tiller and natural talent when it comes to the somewhat tricky issue that when you want to go to the right, you push the tiller to the left. No probs for Dessi. I managed to get in touch with dear family friends and my daughter Julie's best friend Dessi. She and her sister Camilla didn't hesitate for a second to join me onboard for the leg up to Fårösund. Boom! The two jumped on board and we sailed in great winds up north along the coastline – great spinnaker sailing and a chance to rinse the smelly micro plastic trawl from the algae from the last trawling session.

Heading north with the spinnaker up front...and the microplastic trawl in the water behind us.

Always interesting to meet young minds and discuss the future and the interview with Camilla and Dessi may soon be part of our documentary film.

Do not remember the reason for this pose, but it still looks great. Milli, Michael, Anna, and Dessi are always ready for a good time and a great family shot.





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