Welcome onboard Joshua!

Arriving Riga City Yacht Club after midnight in pitch black darkness. There was Joshua from Alabama, USA, waiting with his little bag. Happy to see us of course...he had been waiting for us for 4 days!

Joshua is one of the bravest crew members on this trip for sure. Listen to this: We randomly connected on Facebook five years ago. Having never met, I threw out the question "Wanna do some saiing this summer?". Having never sailed, nor travelled abroad he sold his car, got his first passport and took off. Landed in Warsaw. Worked a little for a few weeks, Jumped on a bus to RIga and hoped that we would show up. Hahaha...I will always bow myself for you Joshua!!!

We left from Riga early morning sweeping down streams from the Riga Marina. A beautiful day and Joshua's smile was bigger than his face. First time in a sailboat ever he bursted out: Sailing is soooo freakin awesome!

Ahhh...always nice to get a shot of he boat from new places before one already left....

200 meter outside the pier and in the Riga Bay's stubborn waves, his experience was slightly different. 20 knots wind and shallow waters makes waves short and steep. Poor Joshua, the sea sickness hit him hard. He had to take the tiller to conquer it better out there and he did a great job. Not one word complaining about anything or feeling sorry for himself. Great spirit.