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With Rainbow Warrior to fight fossil fuel.

Time for action in Lysekil, Sweden. The oil-producing company Preem is planning to expand its business in little Lysekil and build a new mega-size fossil fuel refinery. If built, it will be Sweden’s largest producer of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. But hey, wait a minute...more fossil fuels in 2020? Are you serious?

Racing in circles in harsh winds around and with the legendary ship Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior. Photo: Siri Rembe,

We were invited by Greenpeace Sweden to attend this peaceful manifestation. Sailing an electric sailboat on a mission for renewable energy, we showed up of course. Together with other sailors and a mission to raise awareness.

We came to help raise awareness and made it into the Swedish TV News...

One does not have to be a professor, scientist, or a Greta to understand that Preem's idea is not only outdated, but it is also a severe insult to the young generations growing up and to the new generations to come. The project was morally bad from day one and it sends signals in the polar opposite direction of the intentions in the Agenda 2030, the Paris Agreement, and Sweden’s internal climate goals. Come on Sweden, show us a straight backbone and just forget about it. This idea does not make any global sense. Parts of an interview a few days earlier ended up with a quote in Greenpeace's Swedish Press Release:

Rainbow Warrior...a magnificent sailing ship with an electric/diesel engine, sailing around the world, including the two poles, to stop further exploitation of fossil fuels on its agenda. After the sailing activity, they sailed into the refinery for more direct actions – simply by stopping oil tankers to enter Preem's refinery harbor. Photo: Agnes Rembe.

Back and forth for sun, wind, and water rather than fossil fuel. Photo: Greenpeace.

The Swedish artist Stefan Sundström and his band played live on one of the boats...and to our satisfaction, one of the songs was "Sol, Vind och vatten" a Swedish song whose title and chorus in English is "Sun Wind and Water" (Music and lyrics Ted Gärdestad). Photo: Greenpeace.

One week after the actions in and around Lysekil, Preem decided to withdraw their application and plans for as they said "strictly commercial reasons". Paris was chosen instead of Preem, for now, We will see what their next move will be. Photo: Greenpeace.




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