Well, where to start

Passed by the boys in Lidköping and the to-do-list grew brutally fast. You know how it is once you start writing... Hm, do I really like the gasoline engine, all the tubes, the smell, the tank? Nothing wrong with it per sé... but it is in fact a fossil fuel one.

And what about the cockpit, 26 years of wear and tear has been hard. The wooden parts has done a great job, but even teak has it limits. And inside... it is 2017, maybe update the cooking possibilities a little, and what about all the electricity onboard? Yes, I am a fan of long lines and open air design. Well, a boat owner gotta do what a boat owner gotta do.

Bye bye old interior and electricity...and CD car stereo. Recycling will be your next destiny.

Scratching the surface is risky...you just have to continue...

Got some paper board and tested some new design ideas in order to gain more cooking space where I remember we used to miss it before...

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